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About TekaTeka After Dark

TekaTeka After Dark is an offshoot of TekaTeka Customs. While the the latter focuses more on outfits and accessories, TekaTeka After Dark is  geared toward fetish and bondage enthusiasts looking for fun and interesting ways to express their interest. We offer everything from fetish fashion accessories, to specialized  restraints, to furniture made exclusively for play! All of our gear is  made-to-order and customized to your personal preference. So, you're sure to find something here that suits your tastes. And if you can't, just get in touch with us and tell us what you want. We might just be able to make it a reality!  

Colorful, Comfortable and High Quality

Bondage style fashion is often perceived as quite hardcore or scary, as most products on the market tend to only come in black, and cater to a more hardcore market. On the opposite side, items are often constructed cheaply from disreputable or unethical sources. But we thought to ourselves, why does everything need to be black and scary or cheaply made? A little bit of color and some personal care could go a long way. Thus, our mission here at TekTeka Customs is to provide high quality, handmade bondage gear, as well as fetish style fashion and accessories with a light and fun touch, welcoming both novices and veterans with open arms!


About the Designer

TekaTeka Customs is a small business, owned and operated by only one person, me! My name is Andy. I have always had a passion for both PVC fabric and bondage. For a long time, I wanted to combine these two interests, yet I found it very difficult to find good quality PVC bondage gear. After an exhaustive search, I soon came to the conclusion that in order to make this dream a reality, I would need to make it myself. That is when I decided to learn how to sew. It was a rough start, but with the help of some friends, and of course, YouTube tutorials, I managed to learn enough to make my first PVC straitjacket. At that point, I didn't have access to a sewing machine, so the whole thing was painstakingly handsewn. Eventually I did obtain and learn how to use a machine (after getting over my fear of the violently fast moving needle). After a while, I started to enjoy the design aspect of the process and decided to branch out into fashion as well, while still keeping that design flair of my work's original purpose.

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